The Institute provides health care to students, staff and their dependents within campus that includes first aid services and swift medical aid in an emergency. The severe cases are referred to GMC Bhopal. Medical consultation and medicines are provided for basic disorders.

The health centre is manned by a medical officer and a healthcare assistant to provide excellent medical care to all the students, staff and faculty at no cost. The Medical Officer manages the various aspects of the facility. They provide quality health care to everyone, evaluates the quality of services, maintains the overall efficiency of the centre and decides the procedures to be followed in case of emergency. Also, vaccinations and yearly checks ups are done at this facility. In the future we look forward in expanding and bringing in high-tech medical equipments to serve better the students of our college.

Health Care Service

Free Health care service is rendered to all students and staff.

Pure, safe & cool Mineral water is produced and served through water coolers.

Mineral Water Plant

The mineral water plant is set up to provide healthy and clean drinking water to staff and students. This water is provided to the classrooms, laboratory, hostel and mess.