Department of Applied Science & Humanities

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is the basis of any good engineering course. Therefore, it is required to have a curriculum delivery framework and teaching skill sets for this department which has been specially designed keeping the requirement of the engineering students. The aim of this department is to make mathematics easy and explain it to the student in an interesting way. For better understanding of the subject we have tutorial classes which allow interaction with the student unlike in lecture which is monologue. The students are divided into small batches so that it is easier to solve their problems and pay attention to their individual needs. We describe our subjects as follows:

(1) Engg. Mathematics-I(Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Matrices, Boolean Algebra, Fuzzy Set Theory etc.)
(2) Engg. Mathematics-II(Fourier Series, Fourier Transform, Integral Transform, Laplace Transform and its applications, Power Series, Differential Equations, Partial Diff. Equations, Heat and Wave Equations, Vector Calculus etc.)
(3) Engg. Mathematics-III(Complex Analysis, Numerical Mathematics, Statistical Mathematics, Probability, Distributions etc.)
(4) Discrete Mathematics-IV(Abstract Algebra, Probability, Topology, Graph Theory etc.)

Department of Chemistry

The department is having important input for the future engineering areas therefore strong foundation is provided to students with a view to built industry orientation. Supported by experienced faculty and industry links the department intends to create strong learning infrastructure in applied areas. Advanced and scientifically designed laboratory are the special features of this department.

Department of Physics

Department of Physics provides backbone to many significant areas of engineering therefore a strong foundation in all areas of applied physics is imperative for engineering students. Experiments help the students in understanding the nature of science. It further develops in them a habit of doing things efficiently and regularly. Skills and ability develops during the laboratory activity can be easily adapted for the engineering activities like concepts of electronics and IT are developed as a way to understand modern micro computer based instrumentation. Advanced and scientifically designed laboratories are the special features of this department.

Department of Humanities

The aim of the department is to help students excel in every sphere of life with the help of English Language. To help students develop communication skills in English language the department regularly organizes GDs, Presentations, and Personal Interviews. The department conducts extra classes for students come from Hindi medium background to bring them at par. The department has well developed soft skills Lab i.e. language lab with sophisticated multimedia systems for grooming and enhancing knowledge. The software covers English Mastery and Pronunciation skills. It includes listening comprehension, speaking & pronunciation, reading & writing comprehension, diction and other fundamentals of English grammar.

Our Faculty Members

Prof. Surendra Singh Khichi

Department - Mathematics
Designation - Assistant Professor & HOD (App. Sci. & Humanities)
Qualification - B. Sc, M. Sc, M. Phil, Ph. D.(Thesis Submitted)*
Experience - 6 Years
Research Area & Specialization -Functional Analysis, Topology, Fixed Point Theory & Applications, Diff. & Integral Calculus, Fourier Series, Matrices, PDE’s, Complex Analysis etc.
Publication - International Journal – 09, National Journal - 02 International Conf. – 02, National Conf. - 01,
Membership - MPMTAB
Quote About Acropolis - Good Teaching learning and helpful environment.

Prof. Dhanendra Mishra

Department - Engg. Physics
Designation - Assistant Professor
Qualification - B. Sc, M. Sc.
Experience - 12 Years
Quote About Acropolis - Good supportive environment.

Prof. Surendra Shivhare

Department - Engg. Chemistry
Designation - Lab Assistant
Qualification - B. Sc, M. Sc, B. Ed
Experience - 7 Years
Quote About Acropolis - Excellent environment for studies & work.

Prof. Deepti Munshi

Department - Engg. Chemistry
Designation - Assistant Professor
Qualification - B. Sc, M. Sc, DCA
Experience - 5 Years
Publication - International Journal – 01, National Journal - 00
Quote About Acropolis - Excellent environment for studies & work.

Prof. Rashmi Kaushik

Designation - Assistant Professor
Qualification - M.A in English
Experience - 8 Years

Research Area & Specialization - American Literature Specialization

Publication - Published a lab manual – Communication skills
Quote About Acropolis - Selfless rendering services in the field of education.

Prof. Durgesh Rawat

Designation - Lecturer
Qualification - MBA
Experience - 5 Years

Research Area & Specialization - Communication Skills

Publication - International Conf. – 02
Quote About Acropolis - “Institution where anyone can learn useful things with experience”.

Prof. Preeti Singh

Designation - Lecturer
Qualification -, B.Com
Experience - 4 Years

Research Area & Specialization - Statistics

Publication - National Conf. - 1
Quote About Acropolis - Excellent environment for studies.

Prof. Nandita Sharma

Designation - Lecturer
Qualification - M.Com
Experience - 3 Years

Research Area & Specialization - Statistics

Publication - National Conf. - 2
Quote About Acropolis - Excellent environment for studies.