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At Acropolis Institute of Research & Technology BHOPAL is one of the leading institutions of national importance in the area of technical education. It aims to become a multi discipline university center for technical education by strengthening both teaching and research activities besides contributing to the needs of rural community, society and industry at large. In the process, its aim to establish as a leading institution in research and development and cater the needs of current and forthcoming generations of the country in technical education and also lead other institutions of national importance in this direction. The institute has already established its position by involving in collaboration with some of the reputed universities abroad for developing the competence of faculty in both teaching and research.

The invigorating AITR environment prepares students to face the highly competitive and challenging world by imparting technical education in various UG, PG programs. The departments are well equipped with best infrastructure that facilitates collaboration with others academics and research institutions, and industries through various activities. The Institute has excellent administration setup and distinguished alumni to provide guidance and support.

I ensure that the institute will grow further to become one of excellent technical institutes in India as well as globally recognized technical institute. My best wishes to the students, faculty members and other stake holders for their support in achieving the institute goal.